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Are you considering adoption or in the process of adopting?

Is your child just about to come home or recently joined your family?

Are you already parenting by adoption?

AFS FrameworkThrough my fully customizable Adoptive Family Success Framework (AFS Framework) I believe you can create the family of your dreams through adoption. I also firmly believe there are critical decisions to be made, parenting methods to learn and challenges to conquer to build the healthiest and happiest family possible.

The unique beauty of AFS Framework is it meets you where you are and results in answers that you need! Quite frankly, I’m the secret sauce in my Formula, combined with what you need and want. Benefit from my years of being an MBA (Mom by Adoption), Masters of Social Welfare, dozens of advanced classes (taken and taught), mistakes and triumphs by the busloads.

We’ll meet virtually; on the phone, face to face via a webinar, communicate in emails or texts, questions answered via audios. Whatever method works best for you.

Whether you’re in Pre-Adoption Phase, Transition or Parenting by Adoption, my goal for you is to have clarity in your choices in cultivating your strong family and confidence in your family building and parenting decisions.

The Framework

I’ve given you a brief overview here, and I invite you to email me at Yolanda@AdoptiveFamilySuccess.com so we can arrange a complimentary

Adoption Success Clarity Session to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Whether we work together in a two-hour consult, half day or full day, the results achieved together will provide relief and concrete answers.

Now to the Framework:  

coupleCLARITY in your unique Pre-Adoption choices and journey:

I will provide the pre-adoption framework to make sense of your adoption choices based on your life’s experiences and your individuality.

Using my network, expertise and diligence, you’ll gain the answers for the adoption choices that are right for you.

International or domestic? Foster, foster to adopt, or kinship adoption? Level of support from friends and family?

Infant adoption through an agency or attorney and home study provider? Toddler, older child, teen? Solo or siblings?

Child of color? Special needs? Open adoption? Birth family involved? Attachment issues? Bonding answers? Trauma and Grief? Drug or alcohol exposure?

There are so many decisions to be made! How do you figure it all out?

We can do it together. Over the past decades, I’ve answered thousands of questions about the adoption process. I’ll address your concerns and questions with up to date reality.

NONE of your questions or concerns is off the table. 

Getting the results you desire is so much easier when you take the time to look at all possibilities with someone that is focused on your best outcome. We’ll get down to answers, really specific answers. You’ll discover what’s right for you before you make your Adoptive Family Success Plan. 


Male couple posing with their daughter at homeCULTIVATE the foundation that will position you for long term success:

Develop your new healthy and happy family with a purposeful plan and build that strong family foundation from the beginning. This phase is called transition.  

Transition is the period of time while you, your child and your current family are preparing to join as a new family; when you all come together and for a time after your new son or daughter comes home. It is usually a very intense period of relationship building. This period can be significant to the realization of your new healthy and happy family. 

This phase is rarely emphasized enough. Done intentionally, the long-term value is potentially immense.

You will learn what actions you have control of that will contribute to your family health and stability before your child comes home and for a period of time after your child joins his new family. You’ll understand how you can team up with those that have the responsibility to plan and implement the move of your child to your home.

When we talk during your complimentary Adoption Success Clarity Session, ask me what I learned during the transition work with my babe nearly 19 years ago that strengthens our relationship to this day! 


CONFIDENCE that your choices can create the family of your dreams:

 Isn’t this what we all want, to be confident in our family relationships and know what decisions to make for our children? 

adoptive family success

Often times, especially when you’re in the midst of parenting a complex kid, it’s so hard to tease out what the questions are, much less the answers to get to what you and your family needs.

You have a complex family because you have a complex child.

It can be difficult to understand what we’re experiencing, much less know how to help. As parents by adoption, we have to deal with things that most families don’t experience. Our child has had experiences most children will never have.

I’ll help you make sense of what you want and what results you’re working towards. It’s time to identify your goals, what you need to know, than access information and resources, create strategies, and plan actions to implement. Together we’ll focus on the right information, strategies, actions and results to help you create the family the family of your dreams.

The top five reasons parents work with me are:

  • To identify and understand the issues they’re facing and what resources are needed to resolve them.
  • To learn strategies to find the best fit resources in their geographic location.
  • To have me research and discover resources for their family and provide three options to enable them to choose the best choices for them.
  • To teach them to build the support team for their families’ complex needs and if necessary build that team so their focus can be elsewhere.
  • To educate and provide specific strategies for:
        • Confidently parent a child of color to prepare him for life and help him form a positive and proud identity.
        • Parenting a child with developmental trauma.
        • Transition work that wasn’t accomplished when the child came home to strengthen the family relationships.
        • Open adoption relationships that is healthy for all parties, especially the child.


Here’s a link to a more comprehensive, and still not all-inclusive, list of how I’ve worked with families.


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