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sm picHi, I’m Yolanda Comparan, the Adoption Success Coach and some would say that Adoptive Family Success (AFS) is like my “third child”.  AFS is the definitive resource for those considering adoption, are in the process of adopting and those already parenting by adoption.

Valuable resources, support, training, and information are accessible to families and professionals through Adoptive Family Success Podcast, services and products. Over 30 years of training and experience has allowed me to develop an extensive expertise in many areas unique to adoption and typical child and family development.  I focus on education/training, realistic strategy and coaching.

Adoptive Family Success Framework is the distinctive resulting system of years of study, coaching, consulting, training and strategizing. Its comprehensiveness, united with the ability to serve the unique needs of individuals and families leads the way to the transformative creation of happy, healthy families. The beauty of Adoptive Family Success Framework is its ability to effectively assist with a range of Pre-Adoption, Transitional, and Parenting by Adoption issues and needs.

I deliver all parts of my Framework virtually, which means that anyone in the USA and beyond can access my adoption expertise.

About Me

At the age of five, I announced to my parents that I would adopt my children someday—and I did! When my now young adult children were very young, I realized I just didn’t have the skills and knowledge I needed to be the parent I wanted to be, and more importantly, the parent my children needed. This was so painful that I like many parents, was willing to access any training and resource available to me.

Even before becoming a parent, I earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Cal. State Long Beach and a Masters in Social Welfare from UCLA. I followed this with years of working with at-risk children and families, providing training for the military, crisis work, and guardianship of teen girls.

After I became a mom, I continued my education and training, earning a Certificate in Foster Care and Adoption Therapy from Antioch, Seattle and participating in dozens of workshops, as a student and trainer, ranging in topics from attachment to open adoption to transition to trauma.

It seems that my life was designed to become the best parent possible and then help others prepare to become the best parent for their children.

Adoptive Family SuccessWhile my children were young, I recognized a huge need in Washington State, where we were living.  Families needed experts that were trained in providing services specific to adoptive families and the number of professionals that could provide that level of service was growing. Still, parents and professionals were having difficulties finding each other. I started Adoption Referral and Information Service (ARIS) and became known as the go-to adoption resource person in the Northwest. My work with ARIS has expanded my network of professionals well beyond the region.

This lifelong immersion (some would say obsession) into understanding the dynamics of growing a healthy family through adoption still exists today. Even though my children are now adults, I continue to work with honed skills, enthusiastic commitment, and intense instinct, to guide thousands of individuals and couples to navigate the pre-adoption and parenting by adoption challenges and joys. My passionate guiding principle is that YOU CAN create the family of your dreams through adoption.

I am the expert to rely upon to achieve the realization of this dream and navigate the typical and unique challenges of growing a family through adoption. My Adoptive Family Success Framework is designed so individuals, couples and families can access it wherever they find themselves, for their definition of success. 

Today I use my hard-earned expertise and strategies to continue to offer services that can help build families through adoption. I also guide frustrated, despairing parents to discover what they need to know to stop the emotional roller coaster and achieve family success. Whenever I work with families my intention is to turn challenges into triumphs.

Here are two easy ways to take action now in the direction of your new family dream:

  • Book your complimentary 30 minutes Adoptive Family Success Clarity Session so we can determine the best way to serve you.
  • Schedule me to speak for your organization, conference or workshop.

Phone: 888-777-1538 and leave a message.
Email: Yolanda@AdoptiveFamilySuccess.com






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