How to Work with Me

Adoptive Family Success Framework

Adoptive Family Success Framework

It all starts with a conversation, a complimentary Adoptive Family Success Clarity Session. Email me to schedule.

How we’ll learn if we’re a good fit to work together:

  • Email me at and we’ll set a time to talk on the phone for your AFS Clarity Session.
  • At the end of that initial discussion, we’ll decide if we’re a fit to work together.
  • If we choose not to work together my goal is to still provide value during our conversation.
  • If we decide to work together we’ll then decide the best amount of time for us to schedule (see below) and set that time aside.
  • My work for you begins the moment we both commit to work together—just how my brain operates!
  • I’ll email you a set of questions to answer prior to our scheduled meeting. This will help us hit the ground running and spend the time only on what is your priority.
  • All work is completed virtually: phone, skype, email, audios, and videos.
  • Your choice of questions, concerns, no judgements, just the best answers with my 110% attention to you, from wherever you are from wherever I am. You’ll have my expert opinion, honesty, answers, discussion, resources, research and strategy.
  • At the scheduled time, we’ll get on the phone and start moving towards your agenda, your relief and your solutions.
  • Follow up and action items will be clarified and scheduled at the end of each session.

Your choices:

Two Hour Offer

adoptive family success

Choose your package

No question or concern is off limits and I promise to be fully focused on you with complete honesty, my only goal is your clarity. I have provided hundreds of phone consultations with amazing results.

Dependent on your needs, our discussion may take the entire two hours. If you decide further time is needed together, for research, follow-up questions or calls on your behalf, we can change that two hour appointment to a half-day session to be completed on another day. I am happy to make this change at the end of our first two hours together.

If our discussion does not take the entire two hours, the remaining time will be used for research into answers that best serve you and your needs.

Two hour investment in your family $420

Half Day Offer

Love these half days! So much can get done.

We’ll start out as we do in the two our consult and in a half day we’ll be able to dig even deeper on your most pressing issues, concerns and questions.

Many clients prefer to use the first two hours for questions, get specific answers, gain clarity and reserve some time for research that I conduct after our conversation. Much of my research includes and is not limited to: accessing subject expert information, finding trained professionals near your geographic location and gather further information to firm up your plan.

We’ll schedule a follow up conversation within two weeks.

Adoptive Family SuccessOftentimes clients choose to break up the half day into two separate days. We’ll need to decide this in advance for scheduling purposes. I can and will do the entire half day in one session, with a short break, again scheduled in advance. For those wanting answers immediately this is a great option.

I will include a phone call follow up within 15 days of our last session together.

After the initial half day appointment, some clients choose to change that half day to a full day session. I am happy to make this change before we complete the end of our half day  and schedule our next time together.

Half day investment in your family $780.

Full Day Offer

Do you want to dig even deeper?

Do you need answers as soon as possible?

Do you have several issues to cover?

Do you need to untangle an abundance of “stuff”?

Then the full day option is for you.

adoptive family success

Invest in your family

We’ll leave this day with top issues addressed and I’ll leave with research to complete and get back to you within 14 days. A full day investment can be broken down into two or three days so we can be refreshed and fully engaged.

Many of my clients need time between appointments to fully integrate all we discuss.

We’ll design this day in the best way that serves you.

Common full day consults look like this:

  • Of course, the pre-questions are sent and returned in advance so we waste not one minute together.
  • We spend one to three hours together addressing your most pressing issues.
  • We decide what you need and who will take what action.
  • We separate and each complete what we decided was needed to reach your goals.
  • Oftentimes I have information that I discovered that I will email prior to our next appointment.
  • We come back together at for our next scheduled time for the completion of your full day consult.

I’ll provide two follow up conversations within 30 days of our last appointment. I want to ensure you get your questions answered in a way that best suits you.

Investment in your family: $1450

My greatest joy in working with families is that I get to meet them where they’re at and because of my wide and deep experience I can perform the role that they need, be that:

  • Educator
  • Strategist
  • Coach
  • Sounding Board
  • Butt Kicker
  • Cheerleader
  • Reality Checker
  • Researcher
  • Motivator
  • Advisor
  • Liaison
  • Alarm Clock
  • Accountability Buddy
  • Detective

Let’s get started, email me at and we’ll schedule your complimentary Adoptive Family Success Clarity Session to decide if we’re a good fit to work together.

  • I do not provide therapeutic services; if you are interested in such services I can help you find some in your area.
  • When you make your deposit payment and confirm the time of our sessions(s) I will block out that time only for you and I will not accept other clients for that time period.
  • At the time of the deposit I begin my process of collecting information from you and your circumstances are top of mind. I will begin to find information that would be helpful to you and your success. I begin to document ideas for your benefit.  I do all this so I can be the best Adoption Success Coach for you.

I invest in your family immediately and that is why I have a policy of providing no refunds for cancellations. If you need to re-schedule your session, please provide a minimum of three days warning and we will work out times that fit our schedules.

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